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Make this your best fundraising year yet and partner with an iconic brand that’s been helping groups reach their goals for over 30 years. Butter Braid Fundraisers feature high per-item profit and quality pastries that practically sell themselves.

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The perfect balance of tangy cream cheese and sweet strawberries nestled in layers of buttery dough make this pastry a best seller! Finish with a drizzle of sweet icing and you have a winning combination sure to be loved by all.
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Bursting with apple flavor, this timeless pastry is sure to impress any guest! Hand-braided layers of dough made with real butter wrapped around an apple filling with just the right amount of spice. Topped with a sweet icing and you’ve got fresh, buttery, flaky perfection.
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You can skip a trip to the bakery with this Bavarian Crème pastry inspired by the classic French dessert. Layers upon layers of buttery dough filled with a sweet vanilla custard and topped with chocolate fudge icing. A delicious treat perfect for any time of the day!
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Experience the delectable taste of this rich, silky smooth Cream Cheese pastry. With layers of light and flaky pastry dough, classic cream cheese filling, and a drizzle of sweet icing this pastry treat will be a hit no matter where you take it – the office, brunch or simply your own kitchen.
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This Raspberry pastry is sure to delight! Layers of buttery, flaky dough complimented by the rich, tart taste of real raspberries. A drizzle of sweet icing is the perfect finishing touch.
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Thick, gooey cinnamon filling inside layers upon layers of buttery, flaky dough makes this pastry a family favorite! Drizzle the packet of white icing on top and you have sheer perfection. Perfect for breakfast or just because!
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Two words for this premium pastry: absolutely delicious. A custom blend of four cheeses and herbs create a rich, one-of-a-kind flavored filling encased in buttery herb dough. Fresh, chunky marinara sauce compliments this savory, Four Cheese & Herb pastry that can be served as an appetizer or side dish.
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